Tooth loss can be detrimental to your appearance, and it can also have a devastating impact on your oral health and ability to eat.

Dentures are custom-made appliances that can replace several missing teeth or an entire dental arch to restore your smile and confidence.

Drs. Danny O'Keefe and Jan O'Keefe Belote provide traditional and implant-supported dentures at their Flowood, MS, dental practice.

Here's How Dentures Can Complete Your Smile

Benefits of Dentures
Reasons to Choose This Treatment

Better Oral Health

Tooth loss can lead to other oral health issues, including misalignment and jawbone atrophy. Dentures are designed to replace missing teeth and prevent your remaining teeth from shifting, while implant-supported dentures can stop jawbone recession.

Enhanced Chewing Ability

Many individuals with missing teeth are unable to chew properly. In turn, they avoid eating certain foods and may not maintain proper nutrition. Dentures restore your bite so patients can chew easier, giving them more options for a healthy, balanced diet.

Improved Speech

Tooth loss can negatively impact your speech. As a result, many individuals shy away from social interactions or unnecessary conversation. Dentures can help patients enunciate properly, giving them improved self-esteem and confidence when speaking with others.

Facial Structure Support

When tooth loss occurs, the supporting jawbone begins to deteriorate. Over time, the facial features can start sagging due to a lack of support. Dentures help maintain proper facial structure and prevent the appearance of "sunken-in" or hollowed cheeks.

Boosted Confidence

Gaps and spaces detract from the appearance of a smile, causing embarrassment. Some individuals even cover their mouths when they talk or laugh. Dentures are hand-crafted to look lifelike, giving patients a much-needed boost in confidence and self-esteem.

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If you have sustained tooth loss, it is important to address the issue as soon as possible. At our Flowood dental practice, we have nearly 100 years of combined experience. Using only the latest, most advanced technologies, our goal is to provide individuals and families with safe, gentle, and effective dental care. We even offer sedation dentistry to ensure that all patients maintain optimal comfort and relaxation while under our care.

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Our Flowood, MS, dentists offer both conventional dentures and implant dentures...

Types of Traditional Dentures

Full Dentures

Individuals who are missing all of their teeth on the upper or lower arches can benefit from full dentures. Made from a variety of high-quality materials, these appliances rest on the gums and rely on the underlying bone structure for support. They are held in place by suction and special dental adhesive that prevents slipping.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to replace multiple teeth in one or both arches. In addition to using the gums and jawbone for support, these removable appliances also use the adjacent natural teeth for extra stability. These prostheses can hook onto the neighboring teeth with special dental clasps to reduce the risk of shifting.

Types of Dental Implant Treatments

Implant-Supported Dentures

While full and partial dentures are held in place by the gums and bone ridge, implant-supported dentures are held in place by dental implants. These threaded titanium posts are placed into the jaw during an oral surgery procedure. Once healed, a custom denture can be attached to the dental implants for optimal stability.

All-on-4 Implant Method

If you suffer from bone loss, you may need bone grafting to qualify for dental implants. Otherwise, you can choose the All-on-4® treatment. All-on-4 is a special implant placement technique that uses only four implants to support a denture. The posterior implants are placed at a 45-degree angle to make the most of your available bone tissue.

Can Dentures Help You? Candidacy Checklist

Anyone who is concerned about tooth damage or loss can be considered for full or partial dentures. This treatment option may be right for you if you have:

Advanced Tooth Loss

One missing tooth or several teeth can be successfully replaced with an implant-supported crown or a dental bridge. However, if you are missing multiple teeth in several spots in one or both jaws, partial dentures may be an appropriate solution for you.

Complete Tooth Loss

Patients who are edentulous (those who have lost all of their natural teeth) can reclaim their health and confidence with full dentures. Today's appliances are built using the most advanced materials to ensure natural-looking results.

Decayed or Damaged Teeth

Tooth damage or decay makes teeth weaker. In these cases, extracting and replacing natural teeth may be the only viable option. Patients who have sustained tooth loss due to extensive decay can benefit from dentures.

Loose Teeth

Gum disease attacks the supporting bone and gum tissue. Left untreated, this condition leads to loose teeth and sometimes tooth loss. Individuals who have lost several teeth due to periodontal disease can restore their smiles with dentures.

Treatment Timeline
Your Journey to a Complete Smile

Initial Consultation

The first step is scheduling an appointment with our Flowood dentists. During this visit, one of our doctors assesses your gums, jaw joints, and any remaining teeth. Digital x-rays are also taken to determine the extent of damage and plan your treatment.

Preparatory Procedures

In some instances, preparatory treatments such as bone grafts or tooth extractions may be necessary to give your smile a healthy foundation. If these procedures are necessary, they can be completed before you are fitted for dentures. If you are opting for an implant-supported restoration, your surgery will be performed four to six months before your dentures are created.


Your dentist takes impressions of your gums and any remaining natural teeth. These are then used to create a working model of your new restoration.

Fabrication of Appliance

Your impressions are then sent to our partner dental lab. There, a skilled technician fabricates your new denture according to your unique smile. Our dentists work closely with the lab during this process to ensure the best outcomes.

Final Fitting

Once your new appliance has been created, we will schedule you for another appointment at our practice. One of our dentists will try in your denture and ensure that it fits properly. Any necessary adjustments are made.

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Maintaining Your Oral Health
Tips for Denture Wearers


After receiving their dentures, most patients go through a short adjustment period. It will take some time to become accustomed to your new appliance. However, you will quickly learn how to eat and speak comfortably and effectively. Our Flowood dentists recommend starting out with soft foods and incorporating more solid foods as your comfort level allows.


To properly maintain your new appliance, proper oral hygiene is essential. Be sure to brush your teeth and gums, and clean your prosthetic regularly. Whether you choose conventional dentures or implant-supported dentures, you will need to visit our dentists regularly for exams and cleanings. If you ever damage your restoration, bring it to our office for repairs.

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The Affordability of Dentures

If you have any reservations about the cost of this solution, we want you to understand that dentures are covered by most insurance plans because they are a restorative treatment with practical benefits. Typically, up to half of the cost of your dentures will be covered. 

Our staff will be glad to work directly with your insurance provider on your behalf in order to secure the best possible coverage.

Taking Action Now

Can Be Priceless


Receiving dentures now can also save you money later on. For example, it can be difficult to maintain proper nutrition when missing teeth compromise your ability to chew and other oral functions. By restoring oral function with dentures, you can avoid developing health conditions that could be expensive to resolve in the future.

Will I Need Tooth Extraction?

When you have remaining teeth, but they are compromised by severe damage or decay, they may need to be removed before receiving dentures. Tooth extraction is a simple and common procedure. We use gentle, modern techniques combined with anesthesia and optional sedation to make sure you are relaxed and calm through every stage of your treatment.

Discover What Dentures Can Do For You! 

There’s a reason why so many of your neighbors have made the decision to receive dentures at our Flowood practice over the years. To put it simply, you can count on us for a comfortable experience using conservative techniques to achieve results that provide maximum benefits. Don't suffer any longer with the discomfort and frustration of missing teeth. After you speak to us about dentures, we're certain that the only complaint you'll have is, "Why didn't I do this sooner?" Contact us online or call today:

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