Benefits of Invisalign®

Benefits of Invisalign®

Invisalign® offers an advanced alternative to traditional metal braces, with a faster treatment time and minimal discomfort. The benefits of Invisalign are far-reaching. These clear, smooth aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth anywhere, anytime, without feeling self-conscious about your smile. Because they are removable, these aligners also allow you to brush and floss normally, helping to protect you from gum disease and other serious complications. At our Flowood, MS, office, Dr. Danny O'Keefe provides customized treatment plans to address dental conditions such as overcrowding, gapped teeth, and overbites or underbites, helping patients achieve a beautifully aligned smile.

Invisalign aligners are composed of a clear, smooth plastic to ensure your comfort.

The Innovative Invisalign Solution

For the right candidates, Invisalign can offer incredible advantages over other teeth-straightening or appearance-enhancing options like braces or veneers. The Invisalign system gently shifts your teeth into place, improving the health and structure of your smile.


Perhaps the greatest benefit for many patients is the appearance of these clear aligners. This virtually invisible treatment is discreet and effective, so you can wear it at home, at work, or at school without feeling self-conscious. 


These removable aligners allow you to brush and floss your teeth normally, causing minimal disruption to your daily oral hygiene routine. This can help you avoid plaque buildup, tooth decay, and dental discoloration, which are traditionally associated with metal braces. The removable feature also makes Invisalign ideal for special events, as you can show off your natural smile whenever you choose.

No Dietary Restrictions

Thanks to removable aligners, you are not restricted to eating certain foods during treatment. While patients with traditional braces must avoid delicious treats like popcorn, corn on the cob, and certain candies, the removable Invisalign system does not place any food off-limits.


Each set of clear aligners is custom-made to fit your smile. Our team will design your Invisalign system to fit precisely and comfortably over your teeth. Traditional metal brackets and sharp wires can cause painful cuts and sores on the cheeks and gums. In comparison, the smooth, plastic composition of Invisalign can prevent painful irritation. For patients with an overbite or underbite, aligners can help restore the proper function of your smile, helping you chew comfortably and speak properly.  

These clear, smooth aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth anywhere, anytime, without feeling self-conscious about your smile. 

Shorter Treatment Timeline

Invisalign has a shorter treatment timeline in comparison to traditional braces, typically taking just 9 to 12 months instead of the standard 18 to 24 months. This may vary depending upon your unique treatment plan. 

Improved Oral and Overall Health

Dental conditions like overcrowding or uneven spacing can make it harder to effectively brush and floss. When your teeth are properly aligned, it is easier to clean all areas of your smile, protecting you from complications like gum disease, tooth decay, and infection. In addition, periodontal disease has been linked to serious health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. As such, maintaining your oral health can help to preserve your overall health. 

Your Role

Invisalign relies on patient commitment, and failing to wear your aligners could result in extended treatment time. For optimal results, Dr. O'Keefe may recommend wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours per day, with short breaks for eating and cleaning your teeth. However, by following instructions and practicing proper oral care, you can improve the efficiency of your treatment for an enhanced, natural smile.

Find Out if Invisalign Is Right for You

Dr. O’Keefe is passionate about providing patients with a healthy smile, using the most advanced orthodontic treatment methods. Our team will work closely with you throughout your treatment timeline to monitor your progress. To find out if this comfortable and convenient solution is right for you, call us today at (601) 936-2526 or fill out our online form.