All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 Dental Implants

Are missing teeth making it difficult for you to chew and speak clearly? Are you self-conscious about your smile?

The All-on-4® method allows patients previously ineligible for implants to restore the health, function, and look of their smiles.

Dr. Danny O’Keefe can perform the All-on-4 method at our Flowood, MS, office to give you a healthy, beautiful smile.

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The All-on-4 technique provides unparalleled stability for a full denture using just four dental implants. You can chew and speak with absolute confidence knowing your denture will never slip out of place. Contact our Flowood, MS, practice to find out if the All-on-4 method is right for you.

What Is the All-on-4 Method? A Restorative Dental Solution

The All-on-4 Method

The All-on-4 method can secure a full denture with just four strategically placed dental implants. Unlike traditional techniques, the All-on-4 method allows patients with low bone density to enjoy the benefits of implant-supported dentures without the need for a bone graft

All-on-4 Dentures

All-on-4 dentures may look like traditional dentures, but instead of being supported by the gums they attach to four dental implants. This allows them to stay in place even when you eat hard or chewy foods. In many cases, All-on-4 dentures can be placed immediately after implant surgery.

All-on-4 Can Give You Your Smile Back

Dr. Jan O'Keefe Belote explains All-on-4®, a modern treatment method for replacing a full arch of teeth with just four implants and a denture. Dentures supported by implants offer the same biting force as natural teeth, and they look natural, too. All-on-4 allows patients with lower bone density to qualify, but if you still need a bone graft to prepare your jaw for implants, our team can perform that procedure right here at our Flowood, MS, office.

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The Benefits Of the All-on-4 Method

Better Candidacy

You may have been told you need a bone graft before dental implant treatment. With the All-on-4 method, even those with low jawbone density can undergo this surgery without any preparatory procedures.

Quick Procedure

The All-on-4 method only requires two appointments over a few months. During the healing process, our dentist will fit you with temporary dentures so you never have to live without teeth.

More Affordable

Fewer implants lowers the cost of treatment. The All-on-4 method only requires four dental implants, while patients who choose traditional implants may need several to restore their smiles. 

Secure Fit

Implant-supported dentures stay secure in your mouth at all times. You can enjoy eating your favorite foods without fearing your prosthetics will slip. 


With proper care, your dental implants can last a lifetime. While your dentures may need to be replaced at around 10 years, your dental implants will stay secure.

Strategic Placement Creates Secure Results

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Your four implants will be placed at strategic angles to hold your dentures securely in place. 

Am I a Candidate For the All-on-4 Technique?

During your consultation, our dentist will conduct an in-depth examination to determine if the All-on-4 method is right for you. Most patients are good candidates for this implant procedure.

Extensive Tooth Loss

For this method, you need to replace most or all of your teeth in your upper or lower arch. Our dentist will always attempt to save your natural teeth. However, the All-on-4 method is a good treatment if your teeth need to be extracted due to decay or another oral health issue.

Good Overall Health

You need to be in good overall health before this dentistry procedure. Implant placement is a surgical process. Being in good health minimizes your risk of complications and increases your ability to heal.

Good Oral Health

You should be free from periodontal disease, tooth decay, or any other oral health issues. If needed, your dentist can provide dental treatments before implant surgery.

Adequate Jawbone Tissue

In the prolonged absence of tooth roots, the jaw will begin to atrophy. If you have experienced advanced jaw atrophy, you may still need a bone graft before your implant placement.

Committed to Oral Health

You need to be willing to maintain your dentures with excellent daily oral hygiene habits and regular dental visits. With proper care, your dentures can last for more than a decade and your implants can last a lifetime.

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Dr. O'Keefe has been caring for Jackson-area patients for more than 30 years. He strives to provide the best quality of care through the most minimally invasive techniques. Our Flowood practice uses the latest technology dentistry has to offer, like our CEREC® machine, which allows us to create your high-quality restorations in a single appointment.

Dr. O'Keefe will handle every aspect of your implant treatment. From consultation and planning to surgery and restoration placement, you will be in his skilled care every step of the way. 

If tooth loss is affecting your smile, contact our Flowood, MS, dental office to request your implant consultation.

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The All-on-4 Procedure What You Can Expect

The first step towards a new smile is to call our Flowood practice and request your consultation. Our dentist will evaluate your smile, discuss your concerns, and review your dental records to determine if the All-on-4 method is right for you.
Dr. O'Keefe uses minimally invasive techniques to aid recovery and maximize your results.

Dr. O'Keefe uses minimally invasive techniques to aid recovery and maximize your results.


Our dentist will apply a local anesthetic to ensure you are pain-free during your procedure. If necessary, our dental practice also provides several sedation options for added comfort. 


Our dentist will make small incisions in your gums to access the underlying jawbone.


The four titanium posts will be inserted into your upper or lower jaw at strategic angles to securely hold your new denture. 


Over the next four to six months, your bone tissue will permanently fuse to the implants in a process called osseointegration. In many cases, we can attach a temporary full denture to your implants immediately following surgery, giving you a full smile during the healing process. 

Restored Quality of Life

Once healing is complete, your dentist will place your permanent custom denture. Your implants will allow you to chew, speak, and smile with absolute confidence. You can live your life without having to worry about your dentures slipping out of place.

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Anxious About Dental Treatment? Ask Us About Our Sedation Options


Fear of the dentist can keep many patients from receiving dental care. That is why our Flowood practice offers three forms of sedation dentistry: nitrous oxide, oral conscious, and IV sedation. Dr. O'Keefe will discuss these options with you at your consultation. Don't let the fear of dental work keep you from a healthy, beautiful smile.

Your Recovery

Because only four implants are used, recovery for the All-on-4 method is typically much quicker than a traditional implant procedure. 

Side Effects

Discomfort, swelling, bleeding, and bruising are all common side effects patients experience following dental implant surgery. Contact your dentist if you experience severe side effects or signs of infection.


Taking plenty of time to rest will aid the healing process. Avoid any strenuous activity or heavy lifting until you have been cleared by Dr. O'Keefe.

Adjustment Period

There will be a brief adjustment period for you to get comfortable with your new dentures. Most patients find they can speak and chew confidently within the first week.

Oral Hygiene

You will need to maintain good oral hygiene. You should clean your dentures and any natural teeth twice per day. Routine dental exams at our Flowood practice will help maintain the health of your teeth, gums, and restorations.

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