Why Are My Veneers Turning Yellow?

Why Are My Veneers Turning Yellow?      



             The placement of porcelain veneers is a highly effective treatment option for patients who have cosmetic imperfections. But, it is important that patients know that, although veneers are less susceptible to dental stains, they will wear out eventually. While they often last 15 years or more, they will eventually take on some discoloration. At Family Dental Care in Flowood, MS, we can discuss why your veneers are turning yellow, and offer porcelain veneer replacement to restore your smile appearance when you’re ready for re-treatment.

Certain Foods and Drinks

Certain foods and drinks, like red wine, coffee, dark teas, and dark-colored sodas and juices can accelerate the rate of tooth discoloration. Although we expect that patients will consume tooth-staining foods and beverages to some capacity, it is important to exercise good dental hygiene to avoid premature staining. For example, patients can frequently rinse their mouth out with water when consuming foods and drinks that cause staining. In addition, it is important to brush your teeth at night after consuming these types of liquids to prevent stains.


Smoking can contribute to the staining of veneers in a similar way it can stain natural teeth. First, the surface of dental veneers are exposed to cigarette smoke, which contains tar and nicotine. Second, the chemicals in tobacco can react with the materials of the veneers over time, causing them to become discolored or stained. Finally, smoking makes it more difficult to maintain good oral hygiene. As the tar and nicotine accumulate on the veneers, and in the areas between the veneers and natural teeth, stains become more prominent.

Age of the Veneers

Dental veneers eventually need to be replaced. While many patients enjoy beautiful veneers for 15 years or more, staining and wear will eventually catch up and the patient will require veneer replacement. At our Flowood practice, this procedure is similar to the primary procedure; the main difference is that the veneers and any dental cement need to be removed before the teeth can be shaped and impressions can be taken so the new custom veneers can be fabricated.

Bad Dental Habits

Bad dental habits can result in the early discoloration of porcelain veneers. If patients don't practice good oral hygiene, the natural teeth and veneers will become discolored more quickly. Patients should brush twice a day, floss daily, and visit the dentist for check-ups and professional cleanings every six months to maintain their oral health.

In addition, if patients regularly consume coffee, dark teas, or sodas, they may want to consider drinking these out of a straw to limit contact with the teeth. If patients drink red wine at night, it is important to brush thoroughly before going to sleep to limit the amount of time that the wine is in contact with the teeth. Finally, if patients smoke they should quit if they want to prevent premature staining of their veneers and their natural teeth.

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