The Benefits of Tongue Scrapers: Next Level Oral Hygiene

The Benefits of Tongue Scrapers: Next Level Oral Hygiene By Danny O'Keefe D.D.S. on April 02, 2017

There are many different ways to enhance the overall health and beauty of your smile. The team at our Jackson restorative dentistry practice always wants to share tips with our patients that can benefit their dental wellness.

In terms of enhancing your daily oral hygiene routine, you may want to consider a tongue scraper. Let's go over the basics of tongue scrapers and then consider their benefits to dental health.

What Is a Tongue Scraper?

The tongue scraper dates all the way back to ancient India. A tongue scraper (sometimes referred to as a tongue cleaner) is a dental hygiene item that is specifically created to scrape the tongue clean. The scraper is gentle on the tongue's surface, though it is able to remove dead cells, bacteria, and food particles that coat the tongue and are often missed while cleaning the mouth.

How Do I Use a Tongue Scraper?

A tongue scraper is simple and intuitive to use. The scraper is placed on the back of the tongue fist and then pulled forward. In the process, the tongue scraper removes various unwanted material from the tongue. When using a tongue scraper, it's best to repeat this as necessary to cover the entire surface of the tongue.

The use of a tongue scraper can have a number of important benefits.

Tongue Scrapers Fight Bad Breath

Tongue scrapers are known for fighting bad breath. Using a tongue scraper can reduce the severity of bad breath if not eliminate it completely. Since dead cells, food particles, and bacteria may reside on the tongue, cleaning the tongue off properly helps remove these potential sources of bad breath.

Tongue Scrapers Improve Cleanliness of the Mouth

Brushing and flossing are essential for a healthy mouth, but alone may not be enough. If you add tongue scraping to the mix, you're able to improve the overall cleanliness of your mouth. Tongue scraping as part of your oral hygiene routine can help reduce your chances of experiencing tooth decay and gum disease.

Greater Comfort When Cleaning Your Tongue

Brushing your tongue clean can be quite uncomfortable. People tend to gag as a result of brushing their tongue. This discomfort is much less of an issue with a tongue scraper. The motion of the scraper is less likely to lead to gagging, and it is very gentle on your tongue's surface.

Potential Improvement of Taste Thanks to Tongue Scraping

Some people feel that the use of a tongue scraper has improve their overall sense of taste. This is one of the benefits of keeping your tongue clean and free from unwanted material. Your favorite foods may wind up tasting a lot better thanks to the use of a tongue scraper.

How Often Should I Use a Tongue Scraper?

It's a good idea to use your tongue scraper at least twice a day after you brush your teeth. This helps improve the overall cleanliness of your mouth. If you follow up the use of a tongue scraper with some mouthwash, you can eliminate a lot of the dead cells and bacteria of your mouth.

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