IV Sedation to Ease Dental Anxiety

IV Sedation to Ease Dental Anxiety By Danny O'Keefe D.D.S. on February 27, 2015

For an overwhelming number of patients, the thought of undergoing dental care brings on a significant amount of stress and worry. Whether a person has dealt with a traumatic dental encounter in the past or is simply afraid of the needles, drills, and other tools that are often associated with dental work, this anxiety can prevent people from undergoing much needed dental care. In order to ensure that all patients feel safe and comfortable when receiving care at his practice, Dr. Danny O’Keefe offers a wide range of sedation dentistry techniques to relax patients and eliminate the fear of dental treatments. One popular form of sedation dentistry that we offer is IV sedation. For our patients in Jackson, IV sedation benefits are enough to make even the most nervous dental patient feel safe and confident coming to us for dental care.

Benefits of IV Sedation

Sedation dentistry offers a solution to patients whose fear and anxiety heighten the stress and discomfort of dental treatments. By offering patients this safe and effective treatment for dental anxiety, Dr. O’Keefe can ensure that patients remain completely comfortable and relaxed throughout even the most extensive dental treatment. IV sedation offers our patients an extensive number of benefits, including the following:

  • Safe dental care: We ensure that patients are completely safe while under the effects of IV sedation. Throughout treatment, the patient’s vital signs and level of sedation are closely monitored.
  • Comfortable dental care: While under the effects of IV sedation, patients will be completely comfortable and free of pain or discomfort. IV sedation works for patients who have heightened sensitivity, those with exaggerated gag reflexes, those who do not typically respond to local anesthesia, those who have physical or mental medical conditions that can make it difficult for patients to relax or become comfortable, and those with severe dental anxiety.
  • Ease of anxiety: IV sedation does not only relieve physical discomfort, but allows patients to relax their mind and be rid of worries. Because patients are able to undergo dental care without stress, it often makes them feel more relaxed about scheduling future dental appointments, knowing that it will be an experience that is free of pain and stress.
  • Ability to complete multiple dental treatments: With the use of IV sedation, Dr. O’Keefe can keep patients relaxed long enough to complete lengthy and complex dental treatments. This makes IV sedation a great option for those patients who require extensive restorative treatment, such as root canal therapy or full-mouth reconstruction.
  • Improved oral health: For most people with dental anxiety, IV sedation offers the benefit of improved oral health. Once people experience dental care without anxiety, they feel comfortable undergoing the dental care that is needed to improve the health and beauty of their teeth.

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Dr. Danny O’Keefe never wants dental anxiety to stop his patients from experiencing a healthy, beautiful smile, which is why he offers a range of sedation dentistry techniques that allow for safe and comfortable dental care for even the most anxious patients. If you get stressed out at the thought of dental care, contact us to learn more about the benefits of sedation dentistry. We look forward to hearing from you.