Easing Dental Anxiety with Oral Conscious Sedation

Easing Dental Anxiety with Oral Conscious Sedation By Danny O'Keefe D.D.S. on April 29, 2013

Most of us know the importance of maintaining good oral health through regularly scheduled dental appointments. We also understand how important it is to treat dental problems that do arise. Yet, there is still a significant amount of the population that avoids the dentist. Why is this? The leading reason that people avoid those important dentist appointments stems from a severe anxiety regarding dental appointments. Whether it is a feeling of embarrassment, discomfort, fear of the unknown, or fear of pain, many patients are reluctant to undergo necessary dental care or even routine maintenance. At Dr. Danny O’ Keefe’s Jackson cosmetic dentistry practice, oral conscious sedation can help.

Dr. O’Keefe offers sedation dentistry in order to set patients at ease and allow them to undergo those important dental procedures in a state of relaxation. For our patients in Jackson, sedation dentistry includes the options of nitrous oxide sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthesia (for those patients suffering from the most extreme levels of anxiety or undergoing extensive, invasive dental procedures). However, one of the types of sedation used most often by our dentist is oral conscious sedation. Oral conscious sedation is a safe and simple technique that allows patients to undergo dental procedures in a very relaxed state of consciousness. This means that, while under oral sedation, our patients are able to speak and follow basic instructions. However, they are in such a state that they are free of fear, anxiety, and pain. Some patients even doze off during the appointment.

So how does Dr. O’Keefe achieve this state of oral conscious sedation for his patients? It is actually a very simple process. Unlike other forms of sedation that may require patients to breath in gases or the use of IVs (situations in themselves that may cause anxiety), oral conscious sedation is achieved by simply swallowing a pill. Dr. O’Keefe will prescribe the correct dosage for achieving the ideal state of sedation. The patient will then be prescribed a pill that should be taken before the scheduled time of the appointment. Typically, the effects of the pill should begin around 30 to 60 minutes after taking the medication. This means that the patient should arrange to be driven to the dental appointment. This also means that the patient is already in a state of relaxation when they arrive at our offices so the entire appointment can take place without any anxiety for the patient.

Benefits of Oral Conscious Sedation

For patients who have avoided the dentist out of fear, oral conscious sedation may be the perfect solution. Oral conscious sedation allows patients to receive the dental treatments they need and provides the following benefits:

  • The ability to see the dentist without fear, stress, or pain
  • Safe, non-invasive sedation treatment
  • Improved oral health for those who have neglected dental care

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It is normal to feel anxiety regarding dental appointments. However, letting that fear keep you from dental care may have a negative impact on your oral health. Schedule an appointment with our dentist to discuss the benefits of oral conscious sedation. With sedation dentistry, your dental fears can become a problem of the past.