Digital X-rays: A Key Development in Dental Technology

Digital X-rays: A Key Development in Dental Technology By Danny O'Keefe D.D.S. on February 26, 2016

Dr. O’Keefe is committed to using the latest dental technology to improve your treatment and patient experience. For this reason, he utilizes state-of-the-art digital x-rays. These advanced x-rays function very much like traditional x-rays. Dr. O’Keefe can use them to take pictures of individual teeth or of your entire jaw. With these images, he can diagnose dental decay, misalignment, impacted teeth, and related concerns. However, digital x-rays offer numerous benefits over their traditional film counterparts. The sharp pictures will make it even easier to make early, accurate diagnoses. Digital imaging will also make your treatment safer and more convenient. To learn more about the benefits of digital dental x-rays, contact our Jackson, MS practice today.

What to Expect with Digital X-rays

Dr. O’Keefe will usually take x-rays at every other dental appointment. However, if you are experiencing discomfort or you have a damaged tooth, he will often take additional x-rays to diagnose your condition. There are two primary types of digital x-rays. Intraoral x-rays will take pictures inside your mouth. With these images, Dr. O’Keefe can look for cavities, dental infection, and bone recession. He can also make sure that a crown or other restoration fits correctly. Extraoral x-rays will take pictures outside your mouth. The broader x-rays will reveal your overall jaw structure and dental alignment. In this way, Dr. O’Keefe can identify temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder and impacted teeth. He can also check the progression of your orthodontic treatment.

Digital X-rays for Improved Diagnoses

Film x-rays can reveal the same problems and concerns that digital imaging can. Nevertheless, digital x-rays are much sharper and clearer. Dr. O’Keefe can also magnify them many times on a computer screen, looking for the smallest abnormalities. Plus, he can view the x-rays immediately. In contrast, you would have to wait for film x-rays to be developed before you could receive a final diagnosis. Because of these advantages, Dr. O’Keefe can diagnose dental problems before you suffer significant structural damage or discomfort. He can also display the images on a computer in the exam room, explaining your dental health and treatment options.

Digital X-rays for More Convenient Care

Since no development is needed, it is much faster to take digital x-rays than film x-rays. Therefore, your dental treatment will take less time out of your busy life. Additionally, it is easier to store and transfer digital data. Dr. O’Keefe can easily access your records for future diagnosis and treatment. He can also quickly send them to specialists or to another doctor.

Digital X-rays for Improved Overall Health

In comparison to film x-rays, digital x-rays involve about 85 percent less radiation. Although traditional film x-rays are considered to be safe, Dr. O’Keefe does not want to subject his patients to any more risks than necessary. A lifetime of annual x-rays will add up to quite a bit of radiation exposure. By using digital imaging, Dr. O’Keefe can virtually eliminate the already low risks associated with dental imaging.

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